Verisimilitude / An anxiety laden tableau


Verisimilitude is a series of uncanny juxtapositions of hyperreal, artificial and mass produced consumer goods and portraits. Through this interplay, familiar objects are integrated into a contemporary Vanitas arrangement, pedestalized and immortalized in their unsettling restaging. 

Contemporary consumerism is built on a psyche of brand awareness and loyalty, these objects become tokens of carefully curated lifestyles, offering avenues of escape, joy, amusement and relief. Ads capitalize on the repackaging of “natural” ingredients which happens through a cultivation process en mass, often involving industrial processes.

​The claustrophobic juxtapositions assess unchecked consumption and open a discourse around the ubiquity of mass produced objects in our daily rituals. Seemingly unremarkable, expendable "necessities" take center stage, the mundane and familiar transform into otherworldly cornucopias, building on the saturated language of commercial advertisements and subverting it.