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[Three regenerative doll prototypes]


The dolls become conduits of cultivated interdependent ecosystems, enabling play to become earth-centric with reverence. The de-gendered garments expand and contract as they bloom and wither, constantly fluctuating in design, shape and size. 


Some of the plants that populate these ecosystems are ferns, nettle, kenaf, jute, moss, clematis, cork fabric (from plant fibers and bark), parrot flower, large duck orchids, moth orchid, slipper orchid, water hawthorn, fanwort, alongside coral, alcyonacea, lichens, fungi (fly agaric, oyster mushrooms, reishi) and algae.


Each doll undergoes cycles of seasonal rebirths, offering a deep defiance of inculcating notions of careerism, individualism, amassment and ownership through play. Growth and decay punctuates play, augmenting in many ways the uncanny verisimilitude of the dolls. The series is done as a digital collage using AI, scanned imagery and segments from 3D assets. It is an invitation to re-imagine.

Proteus Effect

Virtual Pilgrimage

Chaos Magick

Meditations (on America)


Vestiges 2.0


Fairy Garden Face (AR)

Phantasmagoria (Super 8 film stills)

Three Graces / Diaspora 

Re-generative Play 


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