Vestiges 2.0

Vestiges 2.0 explores the vernacular of the saccharine utopias of pop videos - spaces that POC protagonists are largely absent from or exist in a fetishized and tokenized state. The fantastical and otherworldly narratives in the media’s collective psyche is often built on a pastiche of co-opted cultural ideologies. Vestiges 2.0 subverts and formulates a new utopian narrative with a South Asian protagonist, set amidst manicured, hyperreal kitsch landscapes. The central figure exists in limbo, suspended in time and simultaneously undergoing stages of metamorphosis. She is a pensive contemporary avatar of Durga, a pixie elf, a mermaid, a bored Barbarella, questioning the tropes that populate the landscape of pop videos - the male gaze, fetishization and appropriation.